I am a 40-something year old mother of two. I work full time as an attorney and after having my son by surprise (whom we affectionately call our “Bonus Baby”) at the age of 39 and wallowing in post-baby weight, sloth-like self-pity, I decided one day in January 2013 (after losing 7 pounds from a bout of Norovirus – hey, it was a cleanse, of sorts) to get off my butt and create a healthy lifestyle. I’ve since lost 70 pounds and finished 6 half marathons and one marathon.

I am not a fitness blogger. Just an average mom, of average weight trying to balance healthy eating and an active life with occasional Netflix binge watching and my love of beer! I won’t preach. I’m not perfect and I’m no expert. I started this blog in 2014 as I embarked on full marathon training through the Saucony 26Strong program because my friends and family were sick of hearing about it on Facebook! I am keeping it going after 26 Strong because some folks said they liked it. To the four of you reading this, welcome! My race reports will give a middle-of-the-pack (and sometimes, back-of-the-pack) experience of running races. See, I love races (some say it is more of an addiction) and I tend to run a lot of them.


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