Week 19.5: The Streets of Philadelphia

IMG_2262My Thursday morning crew, yesterday, before leaving for Philadelphia.

So, we are in Philadelphia. I am sitting in the breakfast cafe drinking Starbucks and typing this blog post because in my family, the early bird gets to drink her coffee, watch the Today show and blog, in peace! I never sleep well in hotel rooms. It could be because I spent most of the night with little three year old feet shoved into the small of my back or because Carly had an asthma attack in the night and was up several times. Oh, well. I function sleep deprived on a daily basis so who needs sleep to run a marathon? (I seriously hope that it true).

My Soleus is unhappy today. The problem with tendonitis is that it is chronic. It is always sore in the mornings, now, and always takes at least 3 miles into a run to get happy. I guess it is good that I will run it for 26.2 miles on Sunday. Plenty of time to warm it up. I am somewhat in denial that I am in this town to run a marathon in 48 hours. I am treating it just like a vacation. We’re going to the Mutter Museum this morning to look at preserved brains in jars and skeletons because my family is into that kind of thing.

The point of this post other than to stave off my nerves and make y’all listen to the thoughts in my head? Music. I am a reformed party girl. She comes out if you play a little music so I run with music most of the time. My playlist is short because I imagine I will be chatting up my new running friends but I have to take it along. I’ve had a couple of folks ask about my playlist for the marathon so here it is:

Philly 26.2

1. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor – Yes, I went there.

2. Ready to Run, One Direction – When you have a middle school-aged daughter, you have to listen to this band. I must admit I like it.

3. Superheroes, The Script – I love this song. I will need to turn my pain into power during this race.

4. All About That Bass, Meghan Trainor – This song makes me laugh. Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.

5. I Lived, One Republic – “I owned every second that this world could give…”

6. Touch the Sky, Brave Soundtrack – this song was playing as I entered the Magic Kingdom and ran down Main Street USA towards Cinderella’s castle during my first half marathon. I will never forget that moment.

7. American Kids, Kenny Chesney – this reminds me of my youth…”growing up in little pink houses, making out on living room couches, blowing that smoke on a Saturday night”.

8. Rainbow, Robert Plant – “My hands shall not tremble, my feet shall not falter..”

9. Raise Your Glass, Pink – This is a classic party girl song so it had to be included.

10. Run, Run, Run, Michelle Lewis – speaks for itself.

11. Story of My Life (Workout Mix), One Direction – I just like this bubble gum music.

12. Like a Prayer (Workout Mix), Madonna – I am a child of the 80s.

13. Firework, Katy Perry – This song was playing as I pushed myself at the end of the Tarheel 10 Miler, entering Kenan Stadium, to meet my time goal. It helps me channel that person who could do that.

14. The Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga – I just like this and I certainly hope it is true.

15. Happy (Workout Mix), Pharrel Williams – if you hear this song and don’t start moving, I think you might have issues.

16. Pompeii, Bastille – I just like the beat on this one.

17. A Sky Full of Stars, Coldplay – doesn’t every running mix have to have at least one Coldplay song?

18. What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction – I will never forget standing in a parking lot at Epcot at 4 AM in full tutus waiting for the 5K to start, dancing to this song with Carly. She was so happy and so free in that moment, my heart just wishes for her to always stay that way.

19. Follow the Sun, Evermore – “Think of where you’re going not where you’ve come from, just lift your eyes and follow the sun”.

20. The Rising, Bruce Springsteen – I love this song. Period.

21. Holding Out for a Hero, Bonnie Tyler – I always think of Shrek, riding to rescue Fiona when I hear this song.

22. Shut Up and Dance, Walk the Moon – this was free on iTunes last week and it is just fun.

23. Geronimo, Sheppard – “Say Geronimo” is pretty much what this race is all about. Yolo, people.

24. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Workout Mix), Bonnie Tyler – is there any girl from the 80s who does not love this song?

25. You Shook Me All Night Long, AC/DC – this is my nod to the headbangers.

26. All Summer Long, Kid Rock – It was 1989, my thoughts were short and my hair was long and I was 17.

27. Push It, Salt N Peppa – I will never forget listening to this song 400 times a night in my Honda Prelude.

28. Live While We’re Young, One Direction – Yes, I am secretly a teenage girl.

29. Dancing With Myself, Billy Idol – when I was 16, my mom would not let me go see Billy Idol on a school night. I have never forgotten it so I still listen to this song in protest.

30. Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen – Needs no explanation.

31. Jack and Diane, John Mellencamp – “Hold onto 16 as long as you can. Changes come around real soon, make us women and men”.

32. Kansas City, The New Basement Tapes – I can do anything with Marcus Mumford singing in my ears.

I probably should go back upstairs now and take my dear husband some coffee. My first race post will come tomorrow, after I’ve gone to the Expo, met up with Dimity and the rest of the AMR Tribe and completely freaked out.


One thought on “Week 19.5: The Streets of Philadelphia

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good luck Sunday…you have trained well and are going to do fantastic! Philadelphia is a great race and you are going to have such a good time!


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