Week 20.5: Thank You

“I want to thank you for giving me the best day [one of them, anyway] of my life..” Dido, Thank You

Saucony-Strong see Mommy Run 26.2 Miles
I think those folks at Saucony must have run a marathon or two to come up with this ad! Training for and running a marathon really is about finding your strong. I know I did along this journey. All those mornings, getting up at 5 AM for long runs, running through the hottest part of a Southern summer, puking up all those icky runner foods on the side of the trail, icing every body part below the waist, really taught me I am strong and can do hard things.
I really want to thank Saucony for creating the 26Strong program and for believing in all of us. This program is an amazing thing and I hope they keep it up. Knowing I was part of something bigger than just my journey to 26 miles meant a lot to me. I loved the social media support and meeting my fellow Cadets online. I felt accountable to Saucony, to Competitor magazine, to my coach and to my fellow Cadets. It helped get me out of bed every single Saturday for 5 months. The free gear was great but the accountability was better. For a running company to believe in the average, every day runner like me, and to put their name behind me and my slow self, demonstrates that Saucony really gets us, the world’s okayest runners. It also shows they care about us and our successes, not just the elites. Their brand on my body was not going to be on TV but they put it on me, anyway.
I also have to say that the Bullet Running Capris (and tights) are the best running invention. Ever! I seriously don’t want to wear anything else! The pockets on the legs were amazing during my race. I had my fuel on my left and my phone on my right for easy access to picture taking. The compression is great, too. I also love my Rides. I am going to keep these shoes long after they have used up all their miles – just like moms keep their baby’s first pair of shoes! Those shoes got me through my first 26.2 miles. A new pair will get me through my next 26.2 miles.
I also want to thank Another Mother Runner. Thank you, Dimity and Sarah, for giving me a forum to show other mothers that they can do this. I really, really mean that. Honestly, folks, if I can do this any one of you can. And you know what? I recommend that you do. You don’t have to be a marathoner to consider yourself a “real” runner. If you run, you are a runner but, if you have been considering tackling a marathon but think you can’t do it, stop thinking that right now. You can do this.
Thanks, also, to the AMR Tribe. Your belief in my ability to do this really meant a lot. Your support through social media has been a catalyst to my success. To those of you out on the course, who came up to me to congratulate me or who were holding up BAMR signs on the course and yelling my name, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I am going to walk my local turkey trot in a turkey tutu with my daughter tomorrow. I usually run it but that is not in the cards this year. Walking is good for you, too. I might run a few easy miles on Saturday afternoon (NOT morning) to see how it feels. I’ve got to train Carly for the Disney races we’re running in January so taking a lot off time of is not in the cards. I don’t suspect that extended rest is not on my agenda surprises any of you. My IT band and I are making up. It is slowly forgiving me and I promised it we won’t try to run fast! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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