Week 18.5: Timshel

“But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand” – Timshel, Mumford & Sons

Maroon 5 - "She Will Be Loved"


As I sit here tapering for the race and going out of my mind because I cannot partake of my favorite drug, the runner’s high, nearly enough to battle the demons I have met this week, I decided to write a dedication post. I’ve said before that it takes a village to train for a marathon (if you do it the best way) so I want to thank my village.

Mike, my husband – Mike is not a runner. He can’t understand why I run but he understands that I NEED to run so he lets me. He has watched the kids for progressively longer and longer periods of time on Saturday mornings. He has gotten them ready for school so I can run on Thursday mornings before work. He has put up with a wife who usually falls asleep on the couch by 9:00 on Saturday nights. He does not do social media so I can’t tag him but I can say thank you, babe, for putting up with this.


Carly, my daughter – Carly is my biggest fan. She comes to all my races and cheers me on. She rolls out my sore legs with The Stick. She watches her little brother so I can get in runs on the treadmill, tirelessly watching the same episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates with him. To Colin, I say, thank you for only mildly injuring your sister while she was watching you.

Smruti Shah and Suzanna Dupee – my PT and my massage therapist. There is no way I would have been able to make it to the starting line of this race without you two. You have kept my legs in working order for 5 long months. You’re also super cool people and I love hanging out with you while you hurt me!

Heather – I already said why I love Heather in another post. She has been injured. I’ve missed her but we’re going to tackle 26.2, again, in 2015.


Alyson, Paige, Kelly and Nancy – our Thursday morning runs are the highlight of my week. I look forward to our campus runs and I love how we can talk about anything.

Sissy – She has been my Fleet Feet running group mentor for several seasons, now. Sissy and I are both health care attorneys so we are a lot alike but I loved her before I knew she was an attorney. Sissy always believes in me and such a kind person. I am going to be proud to train with her for her first marathon next fall.


Sara, Laurie and Jen – Team Indiana Jones Fleet Feet Fall Full Marathon Training group. Where would I be without  you all this season? Still out on the ATT, throwing up or walking back to the store. I credit the three of you for pulling me through the longest of long runs. Laurie knocked it out of the park at the City of Oaks. Jen runs Richmond tomorrow. Sara had to drop out of NYC due to injury but we’ll make it to the starting line of another race next fall. Fortune and glory, kid, fortune and glory!



Oiselle NC Flock – You ladies are so much fun and I admire all of you! Thank you for all your support and the Chipotle (Rose, I am talking to you).


Nora and the rest of the crew at Fleet Feet of Carrboro and Durham – Nora, you had big shoes to fill but you’ve done a great job being our fearless leader and motivating us to do what once seemed possible. I feel like Fleet Feet is my version of Cheers because everyone knows my name, my favorite brand of running gear and chews. If you served beer, I might never leave.

Fleet Feet Half and Full Marathon Training Program's photo.

My Aunt Janet and my cousin, Tracy – you two have cheered me from affair and supported every annoying run I posted on Nike + on Facebook. Your support means a lot to me since my mom is not here to lend her hand.

Rachael, Allen and Rhian – you all are my fitness idols. Rachael has run 22 marathons and imparted her wisdom on me. Allen and I have known each other since kindergarten and Allen has run so many marathons, I don’t think we can even count. He also provided advice and hooked me into Yoga for Runners. Rhian is a cycle warrior and lent her support to me from afar. It meant a lot to me knowing I could ask for advice.

Saucony – thanks for believing in all of us and creating 26Strong. The free gear was also amazing. There is nothing better than coming home to random boxes of running gear on your front porch, sent from the Saucony fairies!



Alison – we’ve only met from afar and I can’t wait to meet you in person. I appreciate you tolerating my Facebook messages asking “Do you think we really have to run that far this week?” and “Are you in pain or is it just me?”.

The AMR Tribe– y’all have been awesome. I can’t tell you how much it means to have other women, just like me, cheering me on.

Adrienne and Jo – y’all are awesome. On short notice, after it became clear that Dimity could not run the marathon, you agreed to leave your families behind fly (in Jo’s case) and drive (in Adrienne’s case) to another city to run 13.1 miles with another Mother Runner in need. I can’t wait to do this with y’all!

Last, but certainly least, Dimity – my very own Mr. Miyagi. You’ve read all my extremely long overly analytic e-mails. You’ve talked me down off the ledge. You’ve modified the training plan. You convinced me to do intervals, which I think is the reason I am still standing. You knew I could do this before I did. I know you can’t run Philly by my side but I know I will be able to look up from the course and see you on your bike. You also offered to be my pack mule so I don’t have to run with all my crap around my waist! My race pictures are going to be awesome with no fanny pack in them!


Thanks, also to all my Facebook friends, many from high school and college. Y’all have put up with my endless running posts and some of you even read my blog and you did not have to!

T-minus 9 days until go time.



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