Take the Money and Run

“They headed down south and they’re still running today
Singin’ go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run” – Steve Miller Band, Take the Money and Run

Pretty much.


I’m feeling mad about race entry fees today.  Mostly, I’m just feeling mad because I am broke. Why are race entry fees so damn high? Even a local half marathon can cost upwards of $100. Now, I know I don’t have to run races all the time but where is the fun in that? When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead. I no longer lose weight from running (I can maintain my weight but my body figured out what I was up to and hangs on to the fat for dear life, now) so I now run for mental health but I also run for bling. I run races to compete with myself except, I always seem to run faster in training runs. I need to figure out why that is but that is a post for another day. I also realize that these are First World problems and I should probably just shut up but it is my blog and I can bitch if I want to.

I have a plethora of races to register for on the horizon and a lack of funds for race entry fees in my bank account. First up, registration for the new Not So Normal Run, which is a half marathon through Carrboro. I’ll get a nice discount because I am a mentor at Fleet Feet and agreed to keep an eye on folks out on this course but it is still money. I just registered for the Tarheel 10 Miler because they offered a “free” t-shirt if I registered early. On March 11, registration opens for the Marine Corps 17.75K, which I really hope I get into so I can get an automatic entry into the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Only, if I finish the 17.75K, I have to immediately turn around and register for the marathon and, even if I don’t get into the 17.75K, I have to go into the lottery for the MCM and give them my credit card number. I registered and paid for the 2015 Raleigh Rock N Roll Half Marathon 10 minutes after finishing the 2014 race so I don’t have to pay for that race right now. I really question my sanity because that course majorly sucked. I finished it and thought “No fucking way I am running that again” but there I was in the damn registration tent, handing over my credit card. I think I do suffer from some sort of runner’s high after races that majorly impacts my judgment. I’ve bought a lot of race gear in the high moments after finishing a race.

I'm just going to relax & enjoy   a quiet evening at home.     Mainly because I can't   afford to go anywhere  or do anything. I spend my   “extra” income on – yep,   you guessed it – race   entry fees.

My biggest dilemma? The Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon registration opens on March 17 and will fill up in a matter of hours. I have a deferred entry into this race since I did not run it last year due to the Philadelphia Marathon so I’m paid. Carly, however, is not. If I was not already paid up, there is no way I would even consider registering for this race. I’m feeling some mixed emotions about signing Carly up for the Wine and Dine. Y’all will remember that she did not train one bit for the Rebel Challenge. We made it to the finish line of the half marathon but it was not pretty and I don’t think she had a lot of fun after about mile 7. She swears she’ll train for the Wine and Dine this time but she swore that last time, too, but never did (and the race before that and the race before that).

Disney races are some of the most astronomically priced races on the face of the Earth. I won’t say how much I paid for the Rebel Challenge for the two of us because y’all would be horrified. The Wine and Dine fee for Carly will be $195. I told her, after the Rebel Challenge, that I was not signing her up for any more races until she could demonstrate that she would run on a regular basis. When I told her yesterday that I was thinking of taking her to the Wine and Dine to spectate but not run with me, she was really upset, which kind of broke my heart but, at some point, I have to be all parental and teach a lesson (money does not grow on trees, if you don’t put forth effort I’m not spending money, blah, blah, blah). If she runs this race, she will earn her Coast to Coast medal and I think that is a big deal to her.

I’m not running anymore Disney races. After Wine and Dine, I will have experienced all that Disney theme park races have to offer. Don’t get me wrong – the races are fun but they are just way too expensive and there is so much more I want to do. I’m going for scenic beauty from here on out (think Dublin or Yosemite). That, and opportunities to run locally with my friends. We’re suckers for local races which is the way it should be since I am lucky enough to live in such a great running community.

Sign the kid up or not? I just don’t know. I need to win the lottery so I can pay all my race entry fees. You know how they hand the lottery winners those big checks and ask “What are you going to spend your winnings on?” I’d say “Race entry fees! I’m going to run ALL the races”. I also need to rotate out some of my running shoes and replace them with new ones. We won’t even talk about how much those cost now that I am no longer sponsored by a shoe company! Running, the most expensive free sport in the world.

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