Back In Black

“I got nine lives cat’s eyes
Using every one of them and runnin’ wild
Cause I’m back
Yes I’m back well I’m back” – Back in Black, AC/DC

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.56.31 PM My new obsession – the Fitibt Dashboard. Clearly, that Blake dude is kicking my ass.

AC/DC makes you run faster. It is a scientific fact. By “scientific fact” I mean Heather and I discovered it while running on Saturday so that makes it so. Runner logic is like that. Kind of like “my foot really hurts but I will run 17 miles on it anyway because I am sure the pain will go away after a few miles” (it kind of did) or “I don’t really need any more running clothes but these are on sale so I need to buy them” (I did).

We had 17 miles on deck on Saturday with the Fleet Feet group. I questioned the wisdom of ramping up the mileage because we have not been able to meet for two weeks because of the weather and most of us were unable to increase our mileage to the 15 miles we should have achieved to reach 17. No matter. We did it, anyway. Runner logic.

After missing so many outdoor runs, I was pretty giddy on Saturday. There were about 19 of us who headed out in the Fellowship of the Rings group (we’re all named after movies – it is really unfair that I was not in the Star Wars group but they are faster than me). We were tackling different distances and ran on a loop. I was in for all 17. I don’t always listen to music when I run with the group but, I decided that, for 17 miles, I was going to need some help. Once the group thinned out and I was with my semi-regular crew, someone mentioned that we needed a song. No worries. I sang some of my playlist. I’m sure I annoyed everyone but I was in a weird mood. I think high mileage will do that to you. That is how Heather and I discovered that AC/DC makes you run faster. “You Shook Me All Night Long” came on my playlist and we sang it, outloud. We ran so fast we got too far ahead of the group we had to stop and wait for them. “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock makes you run, faster, too because it WAS 1989 and I WAS 17 but that is for another blog, one entitled “Middle Aged Mom Remembers Her Youth and The Time When She Used to Have The Really Bad Kind of Fun, Not the ‘My Kids Are So Cute’ Kind of Fun”. Taylor Swift will also get you going. Blank Space, baby.

We finished the run but it was hard. I have forgotten how hard it is to push past 13 miles.It was cold at the beginning of the run and warm at the end. It was like a not-very-sexy strip show as we shed layers on each loop. I am really sore. The top of my foot hurts. My Achilles hurts like hell. I am beginning to wonder what I was thinking agreeing to mentor the full marathon group when I have no intention of running a full this Spring. I know I am addicted to the long run but I question if I can handle it. Knowing me, I will do it anyway. I have a runner’s brain and you guessed it, runner logic.

IMG_2886Post-run breakfast because I am all about that bass, no treble, and it is pretty clear I ain’t no size 2.

Heather and I have added in weight sessions at the gym which we are squeezing in during our lunch hours. I just got back from our first session. I am seriously hoping this will help with my injury-prone self. Plus, I want Smurti to love me and think that I am her best PT patient, ever. I have no idea what I am doing on the machines at the gym so I hope my picture does not end up on some rando’s Facebook newsfeed as a “what not to do at the gym” post! I know Ironman is coming up and I always decide I need to workout more for Ironman. It is still just a half marathon but I think it is all those super-fit tri people who intimidate me just a little bit. My Vo2 max and resting heart rate put me in the “athlete” category for my age group on all the charts but the package those lungs and heart sit in doesn’t look like an athlete. See the Irish Creme Whoopie Pie, above (for the record I did not eat the whole thing).

I also got a Fitbit Charge last week and I am crazy obsessed with my stats. I wear it in lieu of my watch.  I am lapping my house and office to get my 10,000 steps, which I guess is the point. It also tracks my sleep which is a joke but I already knew that. Just how little sleep I get is shocking. Thanks, Fitbit, for letting me know why I drink so much coffee but can you find me about four extra hours each day to get that 9 hours of sleep you say I should be getting?


Next week, we are on tap for 18 miles. I’m running 6 tonight, 4 tomorrow and 5 on Thursday. To quote  my new BFF, Taylor Swift, “You can tell me when it’s over if the high was worth the pain”.


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